Acoustic Foam

Whether pyramid, wedge, or egg-crate design, is a long-lasting, high-performance solution to your acoustic needs. We provide a wide range of solutions for soundproofing and sound insulation applications.

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Acoustical treatment products including acoustical absorbers, diffusors, and sound barriers. Our insulation can be ordered in standard sized acoustic foam panels or custom applications cut to unique specifications.

Egg-crate acoustic foam is economical, but still provides good sound absorbtion.

Our acoustic panels help to absorb sound waves resulting in a clearer, improved sound.

Our bass traps work in rooms of any size. Low frequency waves are long and difficult to stop, but corner bass absorbers solve this problem.


  • Recording studios
  • Broadcast studios
  • Home Theaters
  • Industrial audio control applications
  • Wedgies
  • Acoustic Pyramids
  • Convolute
  • Bass Traps