Foam Mattress

Custom-made size and the arrangement of foam layers and densities to meet unique requirements. Give us the specs and we will make a mattress that will suit their needs! Our mattresses are fabricated in Canada.
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Our foam mattresses, provide excellent body support, whether a firm or soft surface is preferred. Our memory foam mattresses distribute body weight evenly, significantly reducing pressure points.

Our memory foam is layered over firm, supportive material. The final memory layer tops 5 or 6 inches of premium support material which combines to provide a superior support sleep system. The extremely low motion transfer makes them ideal for two people sleeping in the same bed. They are also hypoallergenic.

People with chronic back problems or various physical disabilities will discover that a custom mattress created to meet their particular needs can bring a world of difference. We custom create mattresses that will give our customers a good night’s sleep.


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