Recreation and Sport Foam

Quality custom material for gymnastics centers, parkour, small children’s play area or a heavy duty crash pit for advanced gymnastics. Available in a variety of custom colors, shapes and densities.

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Recreation and Sport Foam is used for extreme sports, trampoline parks and Parkour.

The mats are built tough for durability and high traffic usage. We also sell and cover large rectangular or square blocks, and foam panels for walls or other surfaces. We can also custom cut foam to fit into difficult corners or cover any protruding obstacles.

Because injury prevention is important for every level of use whether it is high level gymnastic competition or recreational play, our products are fabricated with durable, high-quality foam that will not bottom out over time. When it comes to safety, there is no room for compromise.


  • High grade foam cubes
  • Crash mats
  • Tumbling & gymnastic mats
  • A variety of colors, shapes and firmness levels
  • Foam pit edging
  • Durable mats with superior shock absorption
  • Custom covers can be manufactured to any size